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Arancia Sicula

Sicilian Tarocco Gallo Oranges 15 kg for Juice

Sicilian Tarocco Gallo Oranges 15 kg for Juice

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Our company produces the red Sicilian Tarocco.

Tarocco oranges are a particular variety of citrus fruits grown in some areas of Sicily; with their sweet and sour taste, they are perfect to be eaten naturally or to prepare excellent juices or dishes.

Among the main characteristics of Tarocco oranges we find the color of the peel, which typically presents itself with a yellow-orange color, with red hues that occupy more than half of the surface. In addition to being very tasty, Tarocco oranges are also rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The territory in which the variety is grown is precisely that of the Plain of Catania, thus preserving and maintaining the originality of the product.

Dimension: medium / large.

Shape: obovoid.

Pulp: yellow with reddish pigmentation, very juicy, soft and seedless.

Weight: 15 kg.

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Customer Reviews

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Arance buonissime

Arance naturali e ottime, prenoto subito per la prossima produzione di arance tarocco!

Ideali per Spremuta

ottimo prodotto, spedizione puntale, spremuta dolcissima.
arance doc, da consigliare, rifarò l'acquisto!